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  • DMoose FitnessOne of the hot products in the market these days has been an Arm Blaster. Equipment that has altered the dimensions of arm curling workouts and has made it easier for you to achieve your lifelong dream: sexy biceps and triceps!Specifications:
  •  Incredible strength capacity- can support up to 600 lbs of weight.

     Long term resilience- unlike other arm blasters for biceps, this doesn't rust!

     Targets both; biceps and triceps – isolate these muscles to help you build brawnier, muscular arms

     Consists of elbow pads – which provide you with utmost comfort during all the strenuous workout

     Has an adjustable strap –allows you to adjust the arm blaster according to your size.

     Allows one size to fit all –our arm blaster for biceps and triceps is perfect for people with all the sizes

     Made from Reinforced Aluminum with Strong Rivets –to enhance durability and improve your stability

     Comes in 4 different colors –choose your arm builder with your choice.

     Easy to use –hang our arm blaster on your chest, adjust the strap and start working out.

     Lightweight and Portable – carry it to your gym, work out at home, fit it in any of your bags, and move it worldwide.

    No matter what workout you prefer, as long as your arms and biceps and triceps are involved, your arm blaster has got your back. Make bicep curls your best friend, increase the number of reps, and perform home-friendly workouts such as dips and pushups for the best results.

    Say Goodbye to swinging flared elbows

    The arm blaster for biceps and triceps is your only key to build the brawnier and bigger muscles you have always desired. This comfortable and easy-to-use tool can make your strenuous arm training regime worth all the time and effort.

    Isolating the biceps and triceps with an arm blaster allows you to build more muscular arms in considerably less time. Since it is a light weighted product, you can carry it anywhere, anytime! Start training your arms with the DMoose arm blaster to achieve the perfect Chris Hemsworth-like biceps.

    Also, the arm curl blaster helps you elevates your overall body strength, making it easier for you to carry out everyday tasks. Now you can do both; show off your body power to everyone around you and make your workout curls worth the dedication, thanks to your biceps curl support!

    DMoose Fitness

    Say goodbye to swinging, flared elbows!

    Whenever you walk into the gym, you must see people's elbows swinging out of the desired position, especially when lifting heavier weights. This swinging of elbows usually causes people to have a bad posture!

    The primary purpose of our titan arm blaster is to provide you with a good exercise form. By regularly using an arm blaster for your bicep workouts you'll get in the habit of keeping your elbows close to your sides, eliminating any swinging, and focusing only on intense muscle building.

    The best part about the DMoose Arm Blaster is that it caters to all your bicep workout wishes. Bigger bicep bump, bulky muscles, and overall core stability will no longer be an unfulfilled dream.


    • Makes your arms brawnier by isolating your biceps and triceps, making your arm curls workouts worth the energy!
    • Makes your body look well-proportioned.
    • Enhances your athletic performance by making your arms stronger.
    • Promotes full concentration on muscle building.
    • Helps you in building Herculean arms which allow you to lift the heaviest weights
    • Take it to your gym or workout at home, your choice.
    • Contoured and adjustable design so that it provides you durability and comfort.
    • Made for everyone, male, female, beginners, and professionals.
    • Thick strap: stay unbothered about your arm blaster moving.
    • Effectively builds up back, shoulders, and core.


    The types of muscles you can target and build with your best arm builder, the DMoose Arm Blaster!

    DMoose Fitness

    Make yourself look attractive and noticeable where ever you go!

    Many bodybuilders and gym freaks are tired of entering a room and being unnoticed, despite putting such strenuous endeavors in their training.

    To impress your partners or the crowd in general, you should definitely start focusing more on their biceps and triceps, the part of the body which is most prominent!

    Use the DMoose Arm blaster to make yourself stand out in the crowd everywhere you go! Don't miss out on your golden opportunity of achieving the most muscular biceps and buy your arm builder –the elite arm muscle isolator!

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    Support Area Hand Gloves Arm, thigh muscle Biceps, triceps, elbows Wrists Olympic Bars, weight plates Strengthen the diaphragm and other breathing muscles
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    Benefits Protects Hand from Wear & Tear, Support Male and Female Lifters Increased Muscle Growth and strength Increased Muscle Activation Support Wrists, Reduce Muscle Strain, Lift Heavier Prevent Rattling of Weight Plates Less fatigue, Hardened body, More energy after training
    Colors Black & American in Multiple Sizes Multiple Black, Red, Blue Multiple Multiple Black

    Product details

    • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
    • Product Dimensions : 24 x 3.5 x 0.19 inches; 0.03 Ounces
    • Date First Available : August 9, 2017
    • Manufacturer : Dmoose
    • ASIN : B074PBM1TD
  • Target and Isolate Bicep Muscles - Designed to enhance your barbell and dumbbell curls this arm curl blaster helps create stronger, more well-defined bicep muscles by locking elbows into place and keeping them from swaying during lifts.
  • Strengthen Arms, Shoulders, and Back - This bicep curl support isolator blaster is ideal for bodybuilders, weightlifters, or even athletes who want to get stronger arms, biceps shoulders which creates strength gains for other common movements.
  • Contoured, Adjustable Design - Created by fitness experts our curling blaster features thick padded elbow pads and foam neck padding to improve safety and comfort, as well as a fully adjustable strap to support men or women lifters.
  • Long Term Stability and Resilience - Superior to standard bicep blasters that break down after regular use we’ve used thick gauge aluminum, strong rivets, and an adjustable nylon belt to improve your stability and enhance gear durability.
  • Genuine Lifetime Satisfaction - Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long-lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement.